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Dr. Wheeler's work is exceptional. He is ethical and honest. His staff is great and the office is immaculate. Each person I have recommended to him has been just as pleased.


I’ve been coming to Dr. Wheeler for years because I trust him. I know he knows what he’s doing, he’s been working with the same people, and I know I can rely on and trust all of them. He’s been in business for so long and there’s a reason why.


I had a complex case when coming to Dr. Wheeler. I was so nervous when he first brought it up to me, but as he went through the details over the condition I had and the work he’d do, I could tell he knew what he was doing. Then when the teeth were corrected, you couldn’t tell I had an issue to begin with. I feel great!


I’m always so hesitant to go to the doctor or dentist, just out of my own phobias. Going in, I always want to make sure I know exactly what’s going to happen during and after any procedures or check-ups. Thankfully Dr. Wheeler answers all of my questions thoroughly and efficiently. So I make sure I always go back to him. His staff even know I’m like that too, so they talk me through anything they do too.


At my last dentist, I felt like I wasn’t really cared for because it was a quick in and out, no questions asked. But here I feel like I’m really taken care of and that my time is well spent. On the other side, I know he’s not keeping everyone else waiting forever. The staff is really on it here without being a rush job.


Dr. Wheeler is friendly, caring, and professional. He really puts my teeth in the best condition they can be in. I’m always so uneasy about going to the dentist, but when I’m there and done, Dr. Wheeler relieves that uneasiness. He has new technology and he and his staff are always very kind and understanding. Everything about this office helps my smile tremendously.